INON UCL-90 M67 Underwater Close-up Lens

Progettato esclusivamente per l'uso subacqueo per ottenere immagini di alta qualità e l'utilizzo delle lenti HR raggiunge corpo della lente notevolmente compatto. L'UCL-90 supporta ampiamente un obiettivo macro per il sistema SLR full frame per una fotocamera digitale compatta

Maggiori dettagli

UCL-90 M67 +11 diottrie

359,00 €

Compatible Lens
60mm-100mm range macro lens for full-frame SLR (*1)
40mm-60mm range macro lens for APS-C (*1)
45mm-60mm range macro lens (*1), standard zoom lens (*2) for Micro Four Thirds
Compact digital camera with maximum optical zoom 5x or less (*2)

Product Specification (*1)

ModelUCL-90 M67
Outer diameter / Length70mm / 36.4mm (2.76in / 1.43in)
Weight (air / underwater)322g / approx.214g (11.4oz / 7.5oz)
Lens construction3 elements 2 groups
Focal length (underwater) (*2)90mm (3.54in) / equivalent to +11 diopter
Magnification (*3)2.23x (area ratio: 4.98x)
Body material / FinishingCorrosion resistant aluminium alloy / Rigid black almite
Glass / CoatingOptical glass / Anti-reflection coating
Mount thread diameter / pitchM67-0.75
Depth rating60m (197ft)

(*1) Specification is subject to change without prior notice.
(*2) Focal length of "UCL-90 M67"/"UCL-90 LD" standalone and not combined focal length with camera's master lens.
(*3) When using for AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED